FetLife The platform is especially made for fetishists as well as fans of BDSM and bondage. The curious and the amateurs have no place in them. FetLife boasts of being a leader in the online BDSM dating market. And he gives himself the means to achieve his ends. There are still some dark points.

Sadomasochism and fetishism are undoubtedly the favorite areas of the FetLife website. His main mission is to satisfy the sexual desires of the role-playing fans by promoting the meeting. On FetLife, the rule is very simple: everyone can express themselves without taboos and without the least embarrassment. Opinions are somewhat divided on the reliability and effectiveness of this innovative meeting portal. That’s why we tested it up and down. Without further ado, here is our opinion on FetLife.

FetLife: the site to satisfy your craziest desires

FetLife prides itself on always appearing on front page on search engines. This is not wrong. Just type the words “sadomaso” or BDSM to find this dating site.

Since we talk about BDSM dating platform, many users also refer to FetLife immediately. This proves that he enjoys a certain notoriety, mainly in France. The site owes its reputation above all to its ability to offer Internet surfers nearly 57 sexual tendencies as interesting and original as each other. Simply put, FetLife has everything you need to fuel your wildest fantasies.

Dominant or subject? Whatever your preference, FetLife can only satisfy you. However, you will have trouble adapting to the atmosphere of the site if you are a mere amateur. Eh yes ! FetLife is especially suited to experienced sados. Beginners are all accepted, provided they are open-minded. It’s also not worth going on the platform if you’re a shy guy. We all know how much BDSM fans like to push the limits when they make love. This kind of concept still repels a lot of people.

How does the FetLife website work?

For now, FetLife has 1.8 million subscribers to its credit. Well, that’s what he claims. We have not managed to collect enough evidence to endorse this information. In any case, we are sure of one thing: the members increase in number over the years.

Most members appreciate the reliability of the platform. The personal data of users are stored on ultra secure servers. There is no risk that the profile or sensitive information will be revealed.

In terms of operation, it is mainly blamed the fact that the site is too lax. Indeed, there is no need to register on the platform to perform searches. Some visitors even have access to videos.

However, to view the profile of a member, it is imperative to go through the registration which, by the way, is completely free. In addition, to access all features, you must subscribe.

FetLife is not as different from other online BDSM dating sites. It offers basic features like:

  • Instant messaging
  • Webcam chat
  • Fine search
  • The video ad
  • The blacklist
  • The compatibility test
  • A heterogeneous community

Her years of practice and experience have allowed FetLife to build a large and heterogeneous community. This site groups together an incalculable number of sado and fetishist profiles, men and women alike. The only concern is that the male / female ratio is quite unbalanced. The proof, the female sados ​​are more numerous.

In terms of age, FetLife mainly welcomes people over 30 years old. You will be dealing with very active members with whom you can exchange without any taboos and try new sexual practices. However, those who are looking for a young person under 25 years will necessarily be disappointed. These profiles exist on the site, but in small numbers. It will therefore require great patience and perseverance.

Discussions via the webcam attract a large number of Internet users. But FetLife deploys all the necessary resources so that each member has the chance to organize a naughty and hot meeting.

FetLife: formula and subscription

On FetLife, finding a sex partner sharing the same fantasies as you will be child’s play. The trick is to have an attractive and solid profile. No need to pretend to be interested in this kind of practice if not. Moreover, the team in charge of moderation seems very scrupulous on this point.

The first thing to do to take advantage of the basic functions is to register on the site. Rest assured, it will not take you more than 15 minutes. The second thing is to take a subscription. In fact, this is the only way to access all the features without exception. For information purposes, this dating portal has a declining balance rate. The prices seem exorbitant, but the more the subscription lasts in time, the more it is possible to save money.

Statistics reveal that Atl.com is the second most popular online BDSM dating site. His heterogeneous community and his efficiency are for something. However, like all other platforms, it is home to fake profiles.


Role plays, unusual sexual practices, hard and violent fucking, and BDSM are your thing? The FetLife dating site is sure to please you. It has the reputation of offering its members many benefits, to name only an ergonomic interface, a varied community and features in the era of time. FetLife remains by far the best place to meet sadomasochists and fetishists. With a little luck, you will be able to satisfy your fantasies, whatever they are. Be careful of false profiles. There are more and more of them on the platform.