Where to Touch a Man in Bed


We think we know everything about male pleasure, but women probably have some ideas about it. To vary the pleasures and understand what makes men shudder, follow the guide!

Let’s break a myth: to be a good shot or a bad shot, it does not exist. So yes, we all remember the episode where Miranda in Sex and the City tries to cum with a man, to coach him … .without success.

The reality is that you will be bored with a guy while he will climb the curtain next partner, and vice versa. Except, of course, he thinks only of himself, or you think only of yourself in bed, so it’s not great for the other. As Enrico Macias would say in The beggar of love, one must know “give [r], give [r], do-do-do-onne [r] …” But that’s another debate.

Only here, sometimes, we would like to renew, or in any case, out of the classic penile area to do good to his lover.

Fingers and mouth to drive her boyfriend crazy

Of course, the latter remains indispensable. It’s where your hands slip when you enter the heart of foreplay. To give pleasure to the one who shares your nights (or just your bed from time to time), your fairy fingers will then come to touch, touch, caress, before taking in hand his cock.

During masturbation, we do not hesitate to play with his penis, his glans, and when he agrees, the testicles. It can never be repeated enough, but the glans is the most erogenous zone of the body of the man, since it has 6000 to 6500 nerve endings (that of the clitoris has about him 8000, it costs nothing of the call back).

Amateur fetishists (and less amateur ones) will also like you to try feats not with your hands, but with your feet, or even, for those who can afford it, with your breasts.

Anal sex to reach orgasm?

Others will prefer them to your mouth. Remember that this involves playing with the depth of it, but also with your tongue, and your lips (the teeth remain however a bad idea in a general way). The rhythm, your endurance and your imagination will then be your only limits to try various techniques of fellatio.

We agree, you have a nice playground. But what we want is a park of attraction. So maybe you will migrate your naughty desires to the buttocks of your partner.

Yes, if there are still many taboos, this area of ​​the male body is as accessible as it is for women, provided they have mutual consent, of course. Thus, you can play around his anus, and go to put a finger in the buttocks under conditions to respect certain rules (gently and with lubricant being essential).

Do not hesitate to explore, and especially to ask your darling to guide you. Indeed, by this way, you will be able to reach point P! You will have to learn to do a massage of the perineum, or even better, of the prostate, gently, for a pleasure, according to the legend, much more intense than the penis.

Eroticism, best friend of male pleasure

Well, we grant you, we went pretty straight to things serious. If you want to take more time, or make the eroticism of your sex party last, then explore the body of your partner as a whole.

How about going in search of all the erogenous zones of your darling? In Untouchables, Philippe, played by François Cluzet, a tetraplegic, takes his foot only when his ears are tickled. With almost all guys, it’s a good track, as well as the neck, the neck … and a little lower, the nipples. It’s not just women who can stimulate the breasts!

Do not forget, everything is not a question of sexual gesture or know-how. Just taking the front can give him chills. You are quietly with your lover in bed, you with your Stephen King, him his favorite magazine. A naughty thought runs through your mind. Desolate Stephen, we will resume later. You ride your neighbor’s bed, and begin to kiss him gently, before going further. Preliminaries, positions, rhythms, sweet words, pigs or silence: tonight, you decide everything!

To spice up some of your antics, do not rush on the switch! Let the light, so that it sees your curves moving under his eyes, your hair follow the movements of your comings and goings or that it simply plunges his glance in yours.

If you are comfortable with your body, and being watched, you can also gently caress, letting it admire you. To see you take pleasure will only make him crazy.

Finally, when you have the lead, enjoy it to have power over everything … maybe even on his ejaculation. Like him when he plays with your clitoris (if it does not, we advise you) to raise the pleasure, and go down, then go up, and so on until orgasm, you can play with your rhythm , tilting and changing positions to prolong the pleasure. This is the method of peaking … probably, moreover, the most effective, to try to enjoy at the same time.

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