Spice up your sex life, is it really a good idea?


We all have taboos, and generally most of them concern our modesty and our sexuality. But then, that at the time of our grandmothers, a kiss on the mouth, with tongue and extra saliva in the street was considered swinging characterized, it is not the same today. One by one taboos fall, but finally they are not necessary? Should we always go further, higher, faster to spice up his sex life? (Yes, to the end of the extreme limiiiiite).

Sleep or not the first night?

There is a tendency to confuse inhibition, principles of life and prudishness. With all the sexo tips that push us to break the taboos, fruits of centuries of sexual guilt, it is increasingly difficult to accept the pace of others.

Taking sexually, for example, can be seen as a retrograde attitude, what a gross mistake!

To be released is to do what you want, and therefore have the right to listen to yourself. If you do not want to get into the apartment of this man you like a lot, but you need to know a little more before presenting your vagina appropriately, this is YOUR choice!

It will not make you a frigid, a tease … but someone who does-made-done, which pleases-please.

Sodomy, a compulsory step?

Taboo, between swingers, fetishism and masturbation, sodomy symbolically remains the most controversial sexual act. For unconscious religious reasons (we can not make a child by this voice) (juror), but also moral and sometimes physical (fear of pain).

Anal sex is still considered extreme today, although it is gathering more and more followers. Our generation wishes so much to show that it has no limit, that it forgets to question its desire.

We then confuse “lack of curiosity” with “lack of attraction”. That’s what you have to be careful about, even at the time of sexual freedom we have the right not to want to explore everything, nobody is there to put you good points (if again, we received gifts, I say not).
Is the sexual routine boring?

If the position of the missionary does not go out of fashion, it is good that he continues to vibrate couples under the duvet.

One can put words like “lazy”, “practical”, “easy”, it does not prevent that the finality of a sexual relation is to take pleasure, except the jouissance does not necessarily come from the pepper.

Experiencing new sexual eccentricities is obviously nice (not always this said). Discovering, exploring areas we never dared to approach, it’s very exciting, but it’s neither mandatory nor recommended to have a good time.

Some kisses are hotter than a blowjob, some caress are worth all the erotic games of the world. Once again, what counts is to be on the same wavelength as his partner.

So, no, do not necessarily put the spice to feast. And if some things discourage you, like, for example, making love between two doors at night: do not do it.

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