Common Sexual Fetishes Explained

Sexual fetishism is the foot or an object of suffering? SEXUALITY – Fetishism is the propensity of a person to be passionate about a part of the body or an accessory of clothing. Subject of many clichés, is it inevitably source of suffering or can it live in a fulfilling way? A sexologist answers us.

In general, sexual fetishism affects more men who have, according to the sexologist Patrick Papazian, “a conception of sexuality more visual”. Fetish women, they will be more excited by a scenario, a situation, a progression, the temporal dimension of sexuality (“hours of hours of aerobatics”, as sang Alain Bashung in his masterpiece Madame Rêve ). In short, men fetishize “the high heels of women”; women, “the hands or the eyes of a man”.

Internet, paradise of sexual fetishists

Have sexual fetishisms been the same since the dawn of time, or have new ones, linked in particular to digital, emerged? “We have the fetishism of our time: currently, the ease of taking pictures of body parts and sending them on Snapchat or SMS, or dating applications, releases a lot of impulses, says our sexologist. only revealing these ‘partial drives’, as Freud called them: At one time, men were fetishists of women’s ankles because that was the part they could sometimes glimpse under a garment, and their first emotions were linked to this aspect of anatomy. ”

The good news for fans of fetishism is that the Internet and its social media have allowed all kinds of people to meet and live their desires, to find themselves, at least virtually: “When you were in a small village with a particular fetishism, you feel lonely in the world Thanks to the Internet, fetishistic communities have exploded and you can literally find your alter ego sharing the same fetish in the same city … or at the other end of the world.” From there to wonder if the report that many people maintain today with their smartphone does not concern fetishism? “There is almost eroticism, sensuality, a certain form of sexuality with this object and its functionalities”.

Among the most unusual fetishes mentioned by the sexologist (who has met everything, from the feet to the hair through the fetishists of the navel or ears), exist the fetishism related to the plasters (“the person being excited only by one leg or a plastered arm, especially for the rigidity of the plaster, surely evocative, but also the situation of weakness, relative dependence of the plastered person “) or the one of the store mannequins (” the sight of an exhibition manikin in white plastic provoked a sexual arousal he could not get, and he had arranged to work in a department store and stay a little later in the evening after closing “).

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